Overwatch: New Hero Brigitte First Impressions

Overwatch: New Hero Brigitte First Impressions

Overwatch’s newest hero, Brigitte, was released earlier this week. I’ll be avoiding the more technical aspects of her gameplay (which can be easily found in-game or in any Overwatch Wiki) and will focus on how she more practically works in the game so far. After getting to play her a little bit this week outside of the PTR, here are my initial thoughts.

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Nicholas Cage is Playing Superman in the Teen Titans GO! Movie and I’m Freaking Out

A quick Google search of “Nicholas Cage’s acting career” will get you article after article delineating the timeline of his massive rise and fall as an actor. But, as one of the three people on this planet that actually enjoys Teen Titans Go! it’s no surprise that I’d actually like Nicholas Cage as well.

One of the things I enjoy about TTG! is its subversion of children’s cartoons and more broadly its subversion of reboots. It’s extremely campy and fully self-aware of how highly regarded its previous incarnation was. These are also two qualities of Nicholas Cage he often practices but never gets credit for.

Nicholas Cage is primarily known for his uncomfortable performances in movies such as The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, and plenty more. Most, if not all, of the films that leave Cage with a bad rap come after his Academy Award-winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas. Now, this came out the year I was born and so I don’t really remember ever living in a time where Nicholas Cage was regarded highly as an actor. But I’m assuming Leaving Las Vegas had an M. Night Shyamalan-type effect on audiences, where there’ll always be that one movie so good, all the bad ones will be magnified as a result.

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What Violent Video Games Really Mean to Young Men

What Violent Video Games Really Mean to Young Men

Yesterday, President Trump held the hardly anticipated video game summit he announced shortly after the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Simply put, no one has been able to find a significant link between violence in video games and violence in real life. Personally, I don’t enjoy violent video games. But it’s a fact that millions of players do, and somehow the large majority of them manage to not be violent individuals.

Since I don’t enjoy violent video games, I wanted to discover what the appeal exactly was to young male gamers. In 2016, I did a qualitative case study involving a male participant and extensive research surrounding masculinity and video games. My goal was to discover how these wild, larger-than-life displays of masculinity in video games related to a male gamer. Originally titled,

“Dude, Do You Even Have a Penis?”: Affirmations of Masculinity in Grand Theft Auto V and How They Relate to Male Gamers

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Good Girls on NBC: First Impressions

Good Girls on NBC: First Impressions

Good Girls aired its second episode last night, slightly dipping in the ratings since it’s premiere last week at the end of February, but still managing to outpace NBC’s The Brave, which is in its second season. Still too early to tell how the show will fare, although it is barely holding onto it’s “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a 61%.

(Mild spoilers ahead)

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