Spiderman, Red Dead II, Overwatch: What I’ve Been Playing this Month

Happy Saturday! Now I’m sure you’ve all already gotten your fill of Spiderman and Red Dead talk over the past couple of months, but hey! A girl’s gotta work her 9-5 and can’t exactly binge games during the work week. However, I think there’s still some stuff worth talking about in these games, especially after the hype has died down.

Marvel’s Spiderman

Okay, since Spiderman came out first I think I need to touch on it sooner than later. I finished the main story over the course of about three weekends, completing just over 50 percent of the entire game on the hardest difficulty. But as fun as the game is, the mechanics can get repetitive during a long play session, making the hardest difficulty more tedious than challenging. I played the rest of the main story on an easier setting and found myself getting through fights much faster.  Also, the photo mode in this game is the best I’ve ever experienced on console. I spent hours setting up photos because it was just that fun. I’m currently at around 93 percent completion and have pretty much stopped playing. It’s been fun, but I think finishing up the last few side missions I have available will be more fun after a good break. It’ll also be a good warm up if I ever get around to the DLC!

Red Dead Redemption II

I’m a long-time Rockstar fan, having played several games within the Grand Theft Auto franchise. For a paper once in college, I wrote a qualitative analysis on GTA V that had me playing the game for 12 hours straight at one point (damn you procrastination!). However, I never played the original Red Dead Redemption. So while I went in with high expectations in terms of quality, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. But I absolutely loved it. I know there’s a lot of disagreement surrounding how fun RDR2 actually is, with many lamenting over the slow pace and punishing survival mechanics. However, as a major fan of games like the Sims, where a player can easily spend 20 real-life minutes coaxing a broken sim out of the bathroom so their other sim can use the toilet, I found the pace perfect. It allowed me to get fully immersed in the game and made it feel more like an experience, rather than a movie.

The crime system was a bit of a shock to me, honestly, especially since you can get away with so much in the GTA series. Seriously, you bump someone with your horse and you can find yourself with a five-dollar bounty on your head. But this helped me shape my playstyle throughout the game. If you steal, kill, and generally have little regard for the NPCs, the punishing crime system won’t matter to you. It just gives you more opportunity to be the bad guy. The punishment system will also make you feel more immersed if you play the game as the “good guy.” You feel guilty more often, but I think it adds to the story overall.

I rolled credits at about 80-something percent completion, but I’ve already started a new game to complete many of the side quests I didn’t get to do. Some of the side quests will disappear if you don’t do them before a particular main mission, so I’m going back to hit all those. This alone can speak to how much I loved this game – I just finished and I’m ready to go through it again. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a deeply immersive action-adventure title.


I haven’t played Overwatch for a while, mostly due to the toxicity of the playerbase. But I thought I’d pick it up for a few Quickplays and saw that Blizzard recently implemented a player endorsement feature. Basically, players can endorse one another for being a great leader, teammate, or for general sportsmanship. I’ve found that this has reduced a lot of the toxicity over mic and chat within teams, making the experience much more enjoyable. I’m debating whether I should pick up a new game for the Switch or continue to play Overwatch as my weeknight game until Kingdom Hearts comes out in January. Smash is calling my name, but Overwatch is calling my wallet :/

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. What games have you guys been playing? Let me know with a comment below!

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