Google’s Halloween Doodle 2018

By this point, you’ve probably come across this year’s Google Doodle. As the search engine’s first ever multiplayer game, it’s garnering a decent amount of attention online.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to gather more spirit flames than the other team and bring them back to your home base before the timer runs out. Both teams can steal flames from the opposite side by running through another player’s “tail” of flames. The more flames you collect, the more power-ups you recieve. These include speed boost, night vision and magnetism. There are several maps, but only one map is played per game. Users can share a custom link to play against friends IRL.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 7.49.28 PM.png

The boosts help give the game some pace, allowing for a slower, more relaxed experience for the first minute or two, and a very competitive experience in the last minute. It’s a cute and addicting game that allows you to play with other users from around the world. I highly recommend giving it a try, if you haven’t already.

Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy Screenshot
Cute cats, cute ghosts, can’t lose

While we’re on the topic of Halloween Doodles, we should talk about Google’s other game – Magic Cat AcademyThis game was the Halloween Doodle back in 2016 in which players controlled a cat named Momo to defeat ghosts by drawing indicated shapes. While not multiplayer, this game was slightly more complex than this year’s with several levels and boss fights. It also sort of reminded me of Beat Saber in the way that both games require directional movement to get past obstacles. If you’re looking for another cute and spooky way to pass the time, you should give this one a look as well.

All in all, these two games are very delightful and a great way to add a little Halloween spirit into the workday or a long bus ride home.

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