Vampyr: First Impressions

Vampyr was recently on sale on Steam for $37.99 USD and the last time I saw the game listed, it was for a whopping $60. So I jumped and bought the game knowing little to nothing about it. Here’s my review of the first 30 minutes or so of the game:

When I first saw the sale on Steam I actually grabbed my PS4 to see if maybe the sale extended to that platform. Typically I prefer any game that’s not a shooter on console to PC and I was really hoping to see Vampyr for sale there as well. But it was full price on the PlayStation Store as well. So I sucked it up and bought it on Steam.

I swear
I didn’t purposefully include a vampire pun, I swear

As soon as I started the game, I was impressed. The graphics aren’t on par with most $60 games, to be completely honest. But for $38, they were pretty good. I could see every thread in the main character’s shirt. But the same detail wasn’t put into his hair or other characters’ clothes. That made for an odd experience but I wasn’t necessarily upset about it. The aesthetic was nice and atmospheric without being too spooky.

I also liked the combat aspect. Now, I only got to play about four fights but I liked what I saw up until I put down the mouse. I heard that there will be a mode coming out soon that doesn’t focus on the combat so much, which is good to hear. This is a very minor spoiler, but from what I’ve heard after playing the game is that in order to get the ‘good ending’ you can’t kill anyone. While the combat is fun, it’s definitely very difficult to avoid killing every hostile. Stealth wasn’t an obvious choice, either. I tried at least three times to stealth my way past the first enemy only to die each time. So I just went for it and slashed my way through the enemies that followed. So I guess I’ve ruined my chance for a perfect ending this time around.

But I’m not terribly upset. I recently played Detroit: Become Human and got the perfect ending on round 2 (Round 1 went horribly and all my characters died within the first 2 hours of playtime, so I basically got my perfect ending first playthrough). And because I got the ending I wanted, I really haven’t revisited that game at all. When all my favorite characters have made it out alive, it’s hard to go back and make the choices I know will lead to a worse ending.

Vampyr leads the player into getting a bad ending(s?) the first time around, through tutorials and loading screen advice. At one point, the tutorial showed me how to perform a finishing blow. It made it seem as if I had to perform it to progress through the tutorial. I found a way around it but it was not obvious, whatsoever. But it doesn’t matter too much, since I’ve already killed a handful of characters and am guaranteed to not get the good ending. However, I’m excited to get the worst ending possible my first time around. This way, I’ll be more motivated to get the good endings in future playthroughs.

Have you played Vampyr, yet? Let me know if you have any tips for me, or if you want me to write more about this game in the comments below!



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