GLOW Is a Breath of Fresh Air in the Golden Age of Television

In the Golden Age of TV, we have more critically acclaimed content than ever. With the increasing segmentation of audiences, showrunners no longer have to cater to the lowest common denominator and can write specific content for specific audiences. And with subscription based television, we’re treated to shows like Game of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale — two series that would never see the light of broadcast network in their current forms. And yet, with all this amazing TV surrounding us, Netflix’s season 2 of GLOW still shines as bright as its name.

Subscription television is rife with brutal visuals and plots since they don’t rely on advertisers for funding. This kind of content brings in audiences (and subscriptions) since you can’t find stories like this anywhere else. Shows like this just increase in ratings, even when panned by critics.

But GLOW manages to create riveting narratives without relying solely on making audiences uncomfortable. GLOW manages to be funny and smart while dealing with tough issues. However, it doesn’t depend on controversy to tell its story. Instead, the show relies on strong character development and plot driven narratives. These two qualities make GLOW a standout contender in today’s impressive lineup. While these seem like obvious qualities all shows should have, fan-favorites like GoT and Westworld could learn a lot from GLOW. However much I love my share of tragedy and violence, I don’t want it if it means an abundance of plot holes and sacrificing character consistency

GLOW doesn’t deliver what audiences are expecting but that’s exactly what makes it so fantastic. If you love good TV, I highly suggest you give the Netflix original series a chance.

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