I Got My Hands on Beat Saber and It’s Just As Cool As It Looks

While this title has been out since early May, it took me two whole months to finally get a chance to try it out. An experience that sits somewhere between Guitar Hero, playing actual drums, and good ol’ Star Wars sfx, it didn’t disappoint.

Beat Saber is a rhythm VR game available on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It’s still in early access (an ever popular stage to publish games) but it’s $19.99 price point on Steam feels extremely fair. It utilizes a handful of original bass-heavy electronic music that are very fun to play to. Like many other rhythm games, top 40 hits could always be added once the title rises in popularity.

It’s got great accessibility, as well (at least for a game that requires a baseline amount of physicality). You can turn on a mode that allows you to finish full levels no matter how many penalties you incur. Players can also turn on and off direction-specific “slicing” so players can simply hit the colored boxes as they come down the screen without having to worry about which way they need to move their arm.

“Hard” and “Expert” difficulties feel more like “Normal” and “Hard” respectively, but it’s really great that they have easier modes for players who might not be to move as fast. I hope that in the future they would add one more difficulty for players who really enjoy an extreme rhythm challenge.

Overall, I think this game is awesome. It also doesn’t give me motion-sickness like so many other VR games. I think this game could really flourish if available outside headset-reliant systems. There’s not really any need for this game to be built in VR, and with the lack of headset sales, limiting this game to that platform is indeed… very limiting.

But I’m excited to see where this game goes and if it by some chance is the title that brings headsets into the mainstream.

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