Super Mario Run and Pocket Camp

So a whopping 14 months after its release, I finally downloaded Mario Run onto my phone. Initially, I stayed as far away from it as possible thinking that any mobile app with “run” in the title is just going to be Temple Run with a different skin. It’s so easy today to slap on a license to a terrible game, make a ton of money off of the initial frenzy, and then forget it ever happened (*cough* literally all the Harry Potter games *cough*).

However, that’s not at all the case with Mario Run.

There has been some discussion on whether or not Mario Run fulfilled its purpose as a mobile game. As TouchArcade points out, Nintendo doesn’t have the same goals with their games as other mobile developers do. Nintendo makes plenty of money with their console games, and the mobile games are there to support the brand.

TouchArcade continues to say that Mario Run did not meet its goal, and earlier cites the hard paywall in the game as a possible reason. However, the pay structure in Mario Run was one of the things I liked most about it.

I believe it’s about 10 bucks to unlock everything in Mario Run and after that you’re not hounded with constant obstacles to just play the damn game. Whereas in games like Pocket Camp, you are able to spend just a couple dollars here and there, but those don’t get you unlimited access to all the game has to offer. You have to constantly shell out a couple bucks here and there lest you grind (grind is such a silly word for picking apples and fishing for octopi) until the game loses all entertainment value. I would much rather pay one time up front than feel pressure to spend a little bit all the time.

I think that’s what makes Super Mario Run feel like a miniature version of an actual Super Mario Bros. game, as opposed to Pocket Camp feeling like an Animal Crossing demo. In my opinion, Super Mario Run then meets its expectations as a mobile game.

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