Zelda BOTW: Thoughts and Post-Game

After buying my $300 Zelda machine, I recently finished Breath of the Wild and it was majorly worth it.

(Minor spoilers to follow!)

So while I did beat Ganon, I’ve only completed 25% of the game so far which means there’s 3x the content to still be discovered. However, like all Zelda games, there is no real post-game exploring. When you defeat Ganon, you get a star next to your save that indicates that you have in fact finished the game, but in terms of the story you’re taken back to right before you beat Ganon.

I understand why the game is designed like this, as Ganon is one of the easiest bosses in the entire game. You can just walk up to the castle as soon as you make your way off the plateau if you really wanted to. Then of course many of the quests would cease to make sense.

However, once you’ve freed all the divine beasts, the NPCs already acknowledge that it’s much safer and the quests they send you on have virtually nothing to do with Ganon. It’s pretty frustrating to imagine that with just a few changes, BOTW could easily have post-game exploration.

Of course, you technically can still explore but it does feel a little bit empty without having that finality in place. And in my opinion, the guardians get pretty boring to combat after a while, especially if you’re just trying to explore the castle.

Or maybe I’m just lazy. But either way, this game is definitely deserving of it’s Game of the Year Award and I’m hoping for another game set in this timeline soon!





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